the discovery

In 2007 while walking on his Sun Prairie Wisconsin farm a retired University of Wisconsin Professor of Horticulture, Dr Elden Stang, noticed a viny plant climbing a 30 foot dead tree.  He immediately recognized it as a hop plant.  Knowing the the region was a major hop growing area over 100 years earlier and that hops were native to the area he was intrigued.  After lab test and brewing trials determined this was not only a unique wild hop, but that it also had delightful brewing properties, Northern Discovery® Wild Wisconsin Hops was born and became the first trademarked wild hop in Wisconsin.

Being naturally evolved to Wisconsin growing conditions, Northern Discovery® grows vigorously without the need for the amount of chemicals used in the Pacific Northwest Mega-Farms.  Its wild nature is very evident as its aggressive side arms are known to draw blood on the unwary as they walk the hopyard.

Fast forward a decade...Northern Discovery® is still grown on the family owned farm it was originally discovered on along with other supporting farms.  It is grown under carefully controlled conditions to ensure preservation of the original genetic makeup.